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The Only Colors You Need to Consider For Your Handbag (and Black Isn't One of Them)

The Only Colors You Need to Consider For Your Handbag (and Black Isn't One of Them)

By []Aliah Tejada

Choosing a handbag perfect for your daily needs is already a chore. Add to that choosing the perfect color can quickly escalate things to schizophrenic territory. Most people would choose the classic colors like black, grey, khaki, camel, and other shades of brown. However, if you're a person who particularly likes colors, prints, and patterns, choosing neutrals can be quite boring. Also, since neutrals are the colors most brands produce their bags in, you can quickly blend in with the crowd. However, choosing colors can also be quite risky as it might not fit in your wardrobe and can be hard to match with the clothes you already have. So how do you fix this predicament? Easy! With this fail-safe colors, you can be assured that you'll stand out from the crowd and match every hue you have in your closet. Thank us later.


Navy is neither bright nor gloomy. It just hits the sweet spot. A very classic color it can brighten up an outfit at the same time, polish it. It is pretty useful on days that you need just need a jolt of color, but not too much. Navy is produced in every luxury designer bag lines the same rate as black so you can be relieved that any style or brand you choose, there is always a navy hue available. Plus if you're a person who just loves anything denim, then a bag of this shade is a match made in heaven. This also compliments well with a crisp white shirt or with a classic Burberry trench coat.


If you're someone who really wants to command attention without coming across as tacky or tasteless, then Burgundy is the shade for you! Closely related to Red sans the eyesore, this refined shade is very sophisticated yet subdued. It can be very tricky to discern though, as the hue changes depending on how a person sees it. To some, it can come across as red-brown to plum, to maroon. Remember, burgundy closes resembles the shade of wine and if you are still having difficulty identifying the shade, just check Pantone's Color of The Year 2015, Marsala.

Olive Drab

Or as most people would like to call it "Army Green", Olive Drab is the name of the color you see in military uniforms and those camouflage patterns you see. Much like the military trend, Olive Drab is a classic color that will never go out in style and amazingly goes well with every shade in the color wheel. If you want to inject a bit of masculinity and seriousness into your outfit without sticking to black, then olive drab is your hue of choice. Just make sure that if you're wearing this color, you keep all military- influenced clothing at bay to avoid looking like you're someone from the army.

Article Source: [] The Only Colors You Need to Consider For Your Handbag (and Black Isn't One of Them)

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